Soft Toys


Plush Toys for Sale 

We understand that your kids are always asking for something new to play with. They want unique types of toys every day. Kids pretend toys have every kind of toy that is needed for your kids. You can even find something to give to a kid if you have a kid’s birthday coming up. Soft Toys are a great option to buy for your kid and even a gift to a kid of any age. We have the best Plush Toys available for you. 

Different sizes of Plush toys 

The Soft Toys that we have been one of the best in the market. At Kids Pretend Toys, we have Plush Toys available in different sizes so that you can easily choose the extent that is the most suitable for your kid. The sizes range from 800 cm and go 175 cm, which is also called the life-size. 

Cuddly and Safe for kids 

Our Kids Toys are safe for your kids. They are made in larger sizes and life sizes so that children of all ages can cuddle with them. As soon as you get them, your Toys for Kids will love these Soft Toys. Kids pretend toys make sure that they are safe for kids who will be using them. However, we do not recommend them for children who are younger than 36 months. Our toys are the safest for your Toys for Kids because we consider your kids as our kids. 

Other toys for Kids 

Besides Plush Toys, we have many other toys and equipment that will keep the child happy and appropriate as a gift for your child. We have climbs and slides, nursery products, wooden toys, cubby houses, swing sets, trampoline, etc. If the child is a fan of cars and bikes, you can get electric scooters, and kids ride on cars, go-kart, skateboards and quad bikes, etc. Apart from toys, we have musical instruments available such as guitars, pianos, etc., that can be bought from Kids Pretend Toys. 

Payment Methods and Shipping

For making the shopping experience more comfortable for you, we have a few payment methods that you can opt from. It includes afterpay that you can choose to buy Kids Toys and other products today and pay for it later. Shipping service is also provided by Kids Pretend Toys so that you can pick the product from the outside of your home. The charges are different in different areas. If you live in metro areas, it takes 3 to 7 working days for the product to reach you and, for regional areas, it is 5 to 9 working days, but for the rural area, it is a little more that is 6 to 12 working days.