Kids Slide


Turn your Backyard into a Playground with Kids Slides from Kids Pretend Toys

The kids love to play outdoors, and they love going to the parks to enjoy swings and slides. But, going to the playgrounds regularly is not possible, so you can turn your lawn into a playground for your kids where they can collect memories for their future and enjoy with their friends and siblings. We have multiple options in the kids slides at Kids Pretend Toys and order for your little ones now.


The kids slide at our store are available in various sizes. You can buy small slides for the little ones and the big ones for the kids above 3 in age. There are kids slide sets for kids, including slides, ladders, and a swing set so your little one can have it all in one, and he does not have to go anywhere out or spend his time indoors doing nothing. The slides are a fun physical activity. We have slides that are made of high-quality materials. PVC or plastic is used in the making of these kids slide, which is safe for kids. The material is heat resistant and does not burn the skin of kids, which makes them great for summers. They are also easy to clean. The slides can be used outdoors as well as indoors. They are easy to install, and you can also transport them from one place to the other. The frames of the slides are designed to have a perfect hold to the ground, so it does not lose its balance while the kids run around it. There are wooden ladders in the slides, which include handles for easy climbing. They are weather-resistant, so the slide set can continue to be on your lawn in any weather condition. So, make haste and place your order.