Drum Kit

Drum Kit

Drum Kits for the Little Rockstars at Kids Pretend Toys

Music is an instinctive pleasure for all since childhood. Everyone loves to listen to music, and if they are skilled enough, they can even create it. The kids are prone to learning new skills and utilize their talents in the creative and artistic, so we have music accessories for the kids so they can make their progress in the music and bring fun to life. We have the best drum kits for kids at Kids Pretend Toys that the customers can purchase at affordable rates.


The drum kits for kids look exactly like the adult drum kits, but they are miniature versions to suit the size of the young ones so that they can play it easily. We have drum kits with all the necessary equipment like a top drum, cymbal, side drum, snare drum, foot pedal, bass drum, sticks, and stools. They are all available in one delivery package so that you can assemble them easily for your kids. The drum kit is suitable for kids from 3 to 8 years to pretend to be adults and play music on the accurate kids drum kits from Kids Pretend Toys. The size of the equipment is efficient to suit the height of the kids, and they are easy to place anywhere. The kids can place them in the garage or their room to nourish their artistic skills for music and create harmonies of their own. The kids drum kits enable the kids to have an entertaining environment where they can pretend to be the little rockstars and grow up superstars. The drums are made of high-construction steel with PVC coating that gives them durability so the kids can enjoy their time with their friends.