Cuddle Pillow

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Research has shown that kids who get peaceful and adequate sleep are likely to be more focused, intelligent, and improved physical and mental health. While those who do not get enough sleep are depressed, and this depression can make them stubborn and sick both mentally and physically. Kids at an early age are more interested in playing games rather than sleeping. Kids make their fantasy world thinking that every imaginary thing is real, and some kids get so addicted to their Kids Toys and other belongings that they start sharing their secrets with them.

Therefore we have introduced cuddle pillows of different cartoon character shapes that are designed to grab attention. The pillows/ cushion are made so soft that your kids can have a peaceful sleep on them without hurting their head and neck. The pillows available on kids pretend Toys online toy store is available in different animals, birds, and insects, like chick, bee, penguin, tiger, crocodile, lion, and elephant. Most kids love vehicles like a rocket; airplane. Thus, we have also designed pillows for these vehicles shaped.

Types, colors, and size of Pillow

The pillows mentioned above are further categorized based on their color combination, designs, and size. Cuddle pillows are beautifully decorated with embroidery and are 100% handmade. The chick pillow is available in blue, red, yellow, green, and pink color, and the size is 15X18X35 cm. Bee pillow is available only in yellow color. Penguin-shaped pillows are available in red, green, blue, and pink color and are molded in innocent penguin shapes with which kids can cuddle and sleep on them. The crocodile pillow is in beautiful green color.

Tiger and lion cuddle pillows are designed in yellow color because both animals in real have yellow and brown color combination, so we tried to give a real color touch in our pillows which can also promote the learning skills of kids. You can teach your kids the color of these animals with these pillows’ help and then make them identify on their own. It will enhance their learning abilities. Rocket pillow is available in red, blue, and yellow with different color combinations.

Good quality of the Pillow

We provide super quality products in our store because we take care of our customer’s satisfaction and need. Pillows available in our store are purely handmade, and the material used in their production is cotton. The stitching and embroidery will not be damaged even if you wash them in the machine. Our priority is to keep the standard of our products good, so you don’t have to worry about the quality.

Buy the pillow of your kid’s favorite character from our shop and surprise them with beautiful pillow designs.