Basketball Hoop & Stand


Buy Basketball from us and Become a Pro

Basketball is a healthy game and brings joy to the players. If you have an interest in playing basketball, you are in the right spot. You can search for different types of basketballs and buy the one that attracts you the most.  If you are new to playing basketball, you might not know which ball is best for you because there are many types. The balls are accessible in different colors and styles at Kids Pretend Toys. You can also get a basketball stand and basketball hoop at the same places. You do not have to search elsewhere. 

Types of Basketballs

You might have seen the traditional orange-colored basketball, but we offer them different colors and unique designs. Some of the balls have a hand-positioning plan to help beginners hold the ball while playing. The balls are available in various sizes, according to players.  For young ones, there are smaller balls, so they fit in their hands properly. The size matters according to the size of the basketball hoop They are available in three sizes: size five, six, and seven—their height and weight measure accordingly. Size five and six are for kids and women, while size seven is suitable for the male players.  There are leather basketballs for competitive players and casual ones for beginners or casual players. We offer basketball from different brands that are made according to the rules of the National Basketball Association. 


The payment method at Kids Pretend Online is easy. We offer an Afterpay service. With this service, you can buy the basketball, basketball hoop, or basketball stand today and pay afterward when convenient.