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Unicorn Magical House

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Kids love to build castles or houses by stacking the pillows to pretend to be the owners of the house and have their personal space. The pillow houses are not durable, and they can be brought down to the ground by just a touch, so there are kids play houses at Kids Pretend Toys that you can gift to your kids and make their childhood memorable.

Why should you buy from us?

You should purchase the kids play house from Kids Pretend Toys because we have fun houses for kids and vibrant and unique colors and patterns that will attract them a lot. The design of the kids houses is incredible that your kids will never come out of it. They are spacious enough for one or two children.

They can sit inside and enjoy their small talks. They can also study inside the play houses. The kids play houses are not made of wood but with fabric which is safe for the kids as there are no sharp edges that can injure the kids. They can safely sit inside. There is a thin cushioning on the surface of the kids house. There are windows and doors for kids to easily enter and exit the house and ensure proper air ventilation.


The quality of the kids play house is durable and long-lasting. They are tear-proof and scratch-proof. The kids can learn with the colors and various accessories that come with the houses, which will keep them busy and let their imagination flow. The materials are durable and easy to move because of being lightweight, so the kids can stay busy and move their house anywhere without the help of their parents. Get your kids a kids house on their birthday from Kids Pretend Toys and make them love you more.