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Playing with toys and other games is part of the growth of kids. Our online store contains many kid’s toys that are perfectly designed according to different kid’s interests. Cycling is an exercise or sport that can help relieve and raise the positive mental attitude of kids. The kids between the ages of 4-10 are very fond of cycling, and the tool used for this purpose is a bicycle. Cycling is a very healthy activity that makes muscles strong and boosts physical and mental health. Our online store kids pretend toys is offering many different types of bicycles which include simple bicycle, electric bike, stunt bike, and trike

Types and Sizes of Bicycle

The bicycle is further categorized in many types like BMX bicycle metallic chrome, nomad folding bicycle, ladies bicycle, hustle BMX stunt bike in variant colors, torrid BMX Metallic chrome with different colors and sizes, 26” cracker in different colors, fixie pearl having size 53cm and 56 cm in two different colors, Progear retro girls ponoma petite in several colors and size, Surge MTB and RD120 in a lot of different colors. All of these bicycles are well designed and available in small and large sizes that kids of different age groups can use.

Material and other Specifications

The material we used in the manufacturing of Kids Toys Online bicycles is of super quality. The frame is made up of steel; handlebars are also made of steel with 145mm raise, alloy brakes, pedals are of plastic material for easy grip, seats are made of alloy with easily adjustable clamps. All other parts of bicycles are also of the best quality material. You can check the material type and other specifications in the product description on our website.

Online Bicycle Shop

We have made it easier for you to order bicycles for your kids from home. Even if you want to gift it to someone, our online store will provide you with the best bicycles compared to all other online stores that are selling bicycles. You can show all the pictures and specifications of different bicycles to your kids on our website and let them make their choice. Our bicycles are designed for beginners as well as experienced bicyclers. They are made strong enough that even if the bicycle fell due to some mishap, it does not break instantly. We give 100% guarantee of our products quality and material.

Comfortable to Ride

Bicycles available in our store are easy and comfortable to have ridden on. The grip on handles and brakes had made very smooth and strong. Just buy and have a wonderful experience with our bicycles.